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Boosting Business Innovation Forum

Posted by: boy132

September 3, 2018


The NSW government aims to build strong local business communities and stimulate economic growth in metropolitan and regional NSW. To support these objectives, the state government has invested $18 million into the Boosting Business Innovation Program, giving SMEs who want to innovate and scale up access to the research expertise and infrastructure from across NSW. By partnering with all 11 NSW universities and CSIRO, this program is supporting a range of new innovation spaces, workshops and activities designed to support collaboration with  SMEs and start-ups across the state.

On the 14th June 2018 the 12 BBIP program delivery partners hosted The Boosting Business Innovation Forum at CSIRO Lindfield. The forum had two aim, firstly, to highlight the success of the BBIP in promoting development across our state. Secondly, to encourage further participation from industries by showcasing the capabilities, facilities and support services which are available to them.

The forum was a fantastic success and a wonderful opportunity where stakeholders of advanced industries across NSW were brought together with research organisations and government entities. Through a series of interactive seminars spanning various topics from funding schemes to new technology developments, the BBIP partners showcased the capabilities, facilities and support services which are available to SME’s who are interested in partnering with them.