Student Projects

These wonderful post-graduate students are working with our team:


Andria Ansri Utama

Andria has a Bachelor of Science in Fisheries, with a specialisation in Fishery Resources Ultilisation from the University of Brawijaya in Indonesia. He recently earned a Master’s degree in Fisheries Biology and Management from the University of Bergen (Norway), analysing uncertainty in acoustic survey estimates of Bali sardinella in the Bali Strait, Indonesia. He is a fisheris biologist with seven years experience, proficient with LSSS, Object Oriented Application Programming, JMP, R and Corel Draw. His project with CSIRO involves working with fisheries models.


Febrianto W. Utama (Ipeb)

Data Analyst (Indonesia)
Post-grad student (UTAS)

Ipeb is a VMS data analysis in DG of Surveillance, Ministry of Marine Affair and Fisheries, Republic of Indonesia and has been working at the VMS Command Centre since 2009. Currently, Ipeb is working on a Masters degree at the University of Tasmania, focused on developing tools to address illegal fishing.

His project title is ‘Using Fisheries Vessel Monitoring Data to Infer Catches, and Identify Potential Reporting Fraud’. Ipeb is working with Indonesia’s vessel monitoring system (VMS) data to predict tax fraud by vessel owner/company.

First, he will analyse and predict fishing effort for every single vessel. Based on this estimate of fishing effort, he will predict the relationship between the fishing effort and the catch of fish by a vessel. Using the estimated total catch, he will calculate the revenue from each vessel using the market price in each landing location. Finally, comparing and contrasting the vessel owners tax payment with the total income from the vessel, he will identify statistical outliers, indicating vessels/owners that are at risk of fraudulent reporting of their landings.


Kelsey Richardson

Phd Student

CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere

Kelsey is researching the amounts, types, fates and impacts of fishing gear loss from major commercial fisheries around the world.

Her research is multidisciplinary, and combines a quantitative, statistical approach to identify gear loss with an examination of governance regimes that mitigate and manage gear loss to highlight effective offset strategies that reduce gear loss and its associated impacts.

Kelsey has a background in marine conservation and international environmental policy, with an ongoing focus on the global marine debris issue.