Zheng-Shu Zhou

Dr Zheng-Shu Zhou
Remote Sensing and Image Integration
CSIRO Data61

Zheng-Shu is a radar specialist with the Remote Sensing and Image Integration Team in Perth, Data61 of CSIRO. He has been involved in the IUU program since 2013 and plays a key role in this project developing SAR methodologies for fishing vessel detection, coordinating various SAR data acquisitions and access, and building the near real-time large volume SAR data processing capabilities for ship detection and marine applications. As the founding coordinator, he has been leading the CSIRO’s SAR CoP (Community of Practice), responsible for promotion, investigation and consultation of SAR techniques and applications to agriculture, land and maritime for various business units.

Zheng-Shu is a senior member of the IEEE and PI or Co-PI of major SAR missions. His research interests include radar system integration and calibration, signal processing and radar imaging, polarimetric SAR interferometry, quantitative radar remote sensing for environmental and biophysical parameter estimations, digital agriculture and marine target detections, specifications development of CEOS SAR analysis ready data for land and big Earth observation data processing etc.