Sascha Frydman

Dr Sascha Frydman
Scientific Programmer
CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere

Sascha is a scientific programmer who shares his time between the IUU group and the Coastal Environmental Modelling Hydrodynamics team. He has an honours degree in marine biology and a PhD in quantitative marine science. Sascha has a diverse technical and scientific background. He has worked in medical research into cancer and neuroscience as well as marine science roles in animal behaviour and oceanographic modelling, automated underwater vehicles and multi-beam sonar bathymetry mapping.

Sascha is currently working on the analysis and detection of illegal blast fishing data. He is developing a novel machine learning software package that can identify the sound of an underwater explosion and report back when this took place. This system will provide a rapid and automatic blast detection tool to be used on the many thousands of hours of sound data collected by in-situ hydrophone arrays.