Leslie Roberson

Leslie Roberson
Project Liaison Officer
CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere

Leslie is a project liaison and external coordinator for the Monitoring, Control and Surveillance (MCS) Analytics team. She works with our partners around the world to help them trial and implement new systems for monitoring and surveillance. 

Leslie is passionate about all things fisheries except actually fishing, which she finds excruciatingly boring. She is also one of the few surfers who wants to see more sharks in the water.

Leslie’s interest in bridging fisheries management and marine conservation began with a B.A. in Environmental Studies at Yale University, where she worked on several conservation and resource management projects in Latin America and the Caribbean, and then spent a year studying sea turtle by-catch and traditional fisheries in a village in Ghana in West Africa.

Her current research investigates fisheries interactions as key drivers of extinction risk of marine vertebrate species. Many hours chatting to all sorts of fishermen has ignited her interest in using a lens of individual behaviour theories to explore patterns of catch and bycatch across operators within a fishery, and how different types of interventions could affect those rates.