Below is a list of past seminars from different visitors to and people from the Networks Research Group.

Date Presenter Title Slides
9 November, 2016

Weitao Xu
(University of Queensland)

Biometric-based Recognition System on Wearable Devices seminar_weitao
15 November, 2016

Carey Williamson (University of Calgary)

Network Traffic Measurement Projects at University of Calgary seminar_carey
13 December, 2016

Bojan Kolosnjaji (Technical University of Munich)

Adaptive and Semantics-aware Machine Learning-based Malware Detection seminar_bojan
20 December, 2016

Emiliano De Cristofaro (University College London)

The Genomics Revolution: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (A Privacy Researcher’s Perspective) seminar_emiliano
17 January, 2017

Russell Paulet

The Construction of Privacy-Preserving Protocols for Applications seminar_russell
17 January, 2017

Dinusha Vatsalan

Privacy Preserving Techniques for Data Matching seminar_dinusha
29 March, 2017

Arash Shaghaghi

WedgeTail: An Intrusion Prevention System for the Data Plane of Software Defined Networks slides_arash
5 June, 2017

Ivan Seskar
(WINLAB, Rutgers University)

WINLAB Overview slides_ivan
13 June, 2017

Ni Ding

Two Examples of Submodularity in Wireless Communications  seminar_ni
4 July, 2017

Dinusha Vatsalan

Privacy Preserving Set Intersection  seminar_dinusha_2
15 August, 2017

Jan Reubold
(TU Dresden)

The Latent Behavior Space – Sequential Behavior Information Encoded in a Vector Space  seminar_jan
15 September, 2017

Saul Delabrida
(Federal University of Ouro Preto)

The use of Wearable Toward an integration with the Industry 4.0 and Ecological Systems Interaction – Research Cases in Brazil  seminar_saul
21 November, 2017

Stephen Mallon (University of Sydney & Data61)

DLibOS – Performance and Protection with a Network-on-Chip seminar_stephen
23 November, 2017

Abbas Arghavani
(Otago University)

Physical Activity Detection and Body Posture Recognition Using Motion Sensors  seminar_abbas_1
23 November, 2017

Abbas Arghavani
(Otago University)

Power Adaptive Communication Protocols in Wireless Body Area Networks  seminar_abbas_2
15 December, 2017

Kaitai Liang
(University of Surrey)

Privacy preserving (outsourced) data share and search  seminar_kaitai