Education and Research

Information Security and Privacy Research Group contributes to student education by supervising PhD students, supervising undergraduate students for honours theses and summer internships, and by delivering coursework in the network and distributed system area.

Post Graduate Students

CSIRO Data61 offers a Scholarship Program Scholarship Award. Highly motivated PhD or undergrad Students (with strong record) who are keen to conduct research on Networked Systems, measurement, modelling, Privacy and Security should contact ISPG Staff members to enquiry about research topics and then apply for one of the Data61 scholarship awards. Data61 offers two kinds of scholarship awards: A full stipend and a Data61 Top-up Scholarship. Please refer to the Data61 Scholarship Program for Eligibility, Application forms, and details.

Research Training


PhD students are strongly recommended to do an internship of between three and twelve months duration at a top R&D institution. This can either happen between completing their undergraduate degree and commencing PhD studies, or by taking course leave during their PhD.

Past placements included a number of leading universities. Internship offers exist from other leading companies and universities.

Undergraduate Education

Honours Theses

We provide an extensive and frequently-updated list of thesis projects. Most of them expect a strong grounding in networks and security, as provided by our advanced-level coursework. In average one honours thesis per year leads to a publication.

Summer Internships

We strongly encourage the top performers in systems coursework to take one or two summer internships in the group, in order to deepen their experience with large systems, gain the first taste of research, and get better preparation for a successful honours thesis. Summer projects are similar to thesis projects, but often with more of a development than research angle.

We also frequently host interns from top universities around the world.