Michal Kepkowski

Michal Kepkowski

PhD Student,
ISP Group
CyberPhysical Systems Research Program
Data61, CSIRO




Short Bio

I am a PhD student in Computer Security at Macquarie University and Data61 CSIRO, Australia. With my PhD advisors Mohamed Ali (Dali) Kaafar (Macquarie University), Hassan Asghar (Macquarie University), and Dinusha Vatsalan (Data61 CSIRO), I am working on an evaluation of modern authentication protocols. I am focusing on the security and privacy aspects of the biometric, passwordless, and multi-factor authentication mechanisms, and their application in the industry. I am researching the technical and usability challenges of strong authentication and their impact on individuals and organizations. My research interests include multi-factor authentication, passwordless authentication, biometric authentication, privacy-preserving authentication, and usability aspects of authentication.