Hassan Asghar


Dr. Hassan Asghar

Research Scientist,
Information Security and Privacy Group
Software and Computational Systems Program


email: first{dot}last{@}data61{dot}csiro{dot}au
phone: +61 2 9490 xxxx


Short Bio

I received my BE degree in computer software engineering from National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), Pakistan. My final year project was on the design and evaluation of a desktop search utility, predominantly related to information retrieval. I received my ME degree in computer engineering from Kyunghee University, South Korea. I initially started my research in the area of computational trust. At the same time, I started working on human identification protocols. Roughly, these are cryptographic identification protocols in which the entity claiming an identity is a human user. Such protocols need to be usable while secure against powerful adversaries. I did my PhD in cryptography from Macquarie University, Australia. My thesis was in the design and analysis of human identification protocols. During my postdoc at Macquarie University, I also started work on secure multiparty computation. After joining Data61, CSIRO, I have been involved in several topics in cryptography, information security and privacy.


Current Activities

  • I am involved in the University of Surrey and Singapore Management University’s COMMANDO-HUMANS project together with Dali Kaafar. The project explores whether human behaviour related insecurity can be detected automatically by applying human cognitive models to model and simulate humans involved in security systems.





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