Our inaugural webinar – Blue Carbon Initiatives in IORA

On the 2nd September we hosted our first IORA webinar on Blue Carbon Initiatives in IORA.

We had well over 100 participants, from over 30 countries attend the event.

Our presenters on the webinar included:

  • Mr. Andre Share – Coordinator of the IORA Working Group
    on the Blue Economy (WGBE)
  • Dr. Andy Steven – Director of the Coasts Program, CSIRO, Australia
  • Dr. Mat Vanderklift – Director, IORA Blue Carbon Hub;
    Blue Carbon Expert, CSIRO, Australia
  • Cdr. Ahmad Al Karim – Director, Maritime
    Affairs Unit, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bangladesh
  • Dr. Gildas Todinanahary – Teacher/researcher, Institute of
    Fisheries and Marine Sciences, University of Toliara,

Important messages from the webinar included the link between the blue economy and blue carbon.

Current activities in blue carbon were presented from our colleagues in Bangladesh and Madagascar. They presented on their experience managing the blue carbon ecosystems in different ways and highlighted the importance of awareness for the protection and restoration of blue carbon ecosystems.

To request a transcript please contact us.

Webinar recording – Blue Carbon Initiatives in IORA