New training videos released online

Here at the IORA Indian Ocean Blue Carbon Hub one of our main aims is to provide advice about ways to support implementation of actions that help protect and restore blue carbon ecosystems. Incorporation of blue carbon into climate policy is an important way of supporting such actions, but to develop sound policies countries need good data about their carbon stocks, and the rates at which carbon is sequestered. To help achieve this, the hub is producing a set of videos that demonstrate some of the methods used in the field and laboratory.

The first of these shows how to using simple material to extract a core from a seagrass meadow, so that the organic carbon in the underlying soil can be measured. The video is available here, and a version with subtitles in Bahasa is available here. More videos will be uploaded soon onto our YouTube channel.

The videos are designed to be used in conjunction with manuals that explain the methods, such as the manual produced by the Blue Carbon Initiative, and one more specific to seagrass produced through the ASEAN Sub Committee on Marine Science and Technology.