Webinar – Towards a sustainable blue forest economy

A webinar hosted by the IORA Blue Carbon Hub in collaboration with the IORA Secretariat ‘Towards a sustainable blue forest economy‘ was held online on the 10th March 2021.

The webinar had over 500 people register for the event from 64 countries worldwide.

About the webinar

Protection and restoration of “blue forests” and “blue meadows” (mangrove forests, seagrass meadows and tidal marshes) offers an opportunity to address multiple challenges in a single portfolio of actions. Harnessing the joint potential of the public and private sector can provide the finance needed while also creating jobs and opportunities for livelihoods, generating new sustainable pathways to rebuild economies recovering from the effects of the global coronavirus pandemic. This webinar took a look at some of the current and promising mechanisms.


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About the speakers:

Angelique Pouponneau

Angelique is the CEO of the Seychelles’ Conservation and Climate Adaptation Trust. Angelique is a lawyer (Seychelles and UK) and she holds an LLM in Environmental law specializing in the law of the sea and natural resources law. Also, Angelique is a trained climate change negotiator under the AOSIS Climate Change Fellowship Programme at the United Nations. She discusses various blended finance models that are being used in the Seychelles to ensure the sustainable flows of finance to protected areas.

Leah Glass

Leah is the Technical Advisor for Blue Ventures’ mangrove and blue carbon work. For the last 8 years, she has been working with coastal communities in Madagascar to develop mangrove blue carbon projects that that support sustainable marine management. She discusses how, if certain barriers are overcome, climate finance (particularly carbon markets) can support both climate change mitigation and adaptation at scale.

Lauren Drake

Lauren is a Director at Pollination, a specialist climate change advisory and investment firm focused on accelerating the transition to a net zero, climate resilient future. Lauren’s background is in climate law and policy, with a particular focus on carbon markets and nature-based solutions, and has advised carbon offset buyers and project developers (including blue carbon projects) on a range of issues of legal, policy and strategic issues. Lauren will discuss the investor and finance perspective.

Mat Vanderklift

Mat is the IORA Blue Carbon Hub director and senior principal research scientist with CSIRO. Mat has 25 years of experience studying coastal vegetated ecosystems and his research in blue carbon encompasses the science of ecology and biogeochemistry, but also the policy, legal and financial frameworks. Mat discusses blue forest solutions and finance.

About the Moderator

Cheryl Rita Kaur

Cheryl Rita is the Head of the Centre for Coastal & Marine Environment at the Maritime Institute of Malaysia (MIMA), a policy research institute set up by the Malaysian Government to serve as a national focal point for research in the maritime sector


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Towards a sustainable blue forest economy – zoom recording

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