CSIRO’s capabilities in integration research

March 15th, 2021


CSIRO has a broad range of capabilities in integration research. You can find more details about these capabilities in the Projects and Tools pages of this space, as well as reading about the tools that are deployed as part of Decisions and Strategic Planning within CSIRO Land & Water.

A 2020 audit of CSIRO’s transdisciplinary capabilities to support national prediction, foresighting and scenarios research identified the following as areas in which CSIRO has particular expertise and capability:

  • Practices in co-production, integration and weaving knowledge
    • Trust building
    • Creating boundary objects
    • Knowledge co-production and weaving knowledge
    • Knowledge brokering and communication
  • Purpose and problem framing
  • Qualitative modelling
    • Conceptual models
    • Causal loop diagrams and qualitative loop analysis
  • Methods for exploring futures and scenarios
  • System analysis
  • Adaptation planning, adaptive management and decision support
  • Navigating uncertainty
  • Leadership
  • Individual competencies
    • Facilitation skills
    • Inter- and transdisciplinary listening skills
    • Abilities in playing a bridging role
    • Operating at the edges of disciplinary boundaries
    • Adaptive learning skills
    • Building capacity in stakeholders to engage with others
  • Governance, architectures and ethics
  • Monitoring, evaluation and adaptive learning
  • Frameworks
  • Policy

Recommended reading

Grigg, N.J., K. Mokany, E. Woodward, R. Pirzl, C. S. Fletcher, M. E. Ahmad, and D. Lemon. 2020. CSIRO’s integrated national prediction, foresighting and scenarios capability. CSIRO, Australia.