About the AMC

Benefits of the AMC

The AMC will enhance skills and capacity of participants to plan and implement research for development activities that will contribute to food and livelihood security of farming communities, and growth of the Philippine agricultural sector.

Through agribusiness value chain analysis, participants will be able to identify the range of factors and relationships that affect the performance and competitiveness of various agricultural products, from production to transport, processing, distribution and marketing. Participants will work with a range of stakeholders from the public and private sector and to gain better understanding of and help address the risks, bottlenecks, and opportunities along the value chain.

AMC participants will:

  1. Understand agrifood systems
  2. Enhance their understanding of socio-economic and environmental impacts of chains
  3. Engage in real-world value chains
  4. Establish a network of peers from the private, public and research sectors

The AMC Journey

The AMC Journey