Whyalla Region Hydrogen Power Station (New Project added August 2022)

August 6th, 2022

Whyalla Region Hydrogen Power Station

This project targets delivery of 200 Megawatts (MW) of power generation capacity fuelled by hydrogen, which would act to provide additional grid stability during periods of excess renewables energy production.

Main proponents:

Hydrogen Power South Australia (a new South Australian Government enterprise will own and operate the power facility)

Main end-use classification:

Power use


Under development – a six-week ‘market sounding’ process to inform final design and implementation took place in mid-2022

Estimated cost:

AUD$593 million – project estimate

Other involvement:


Production details:

250 MWe electrolyser capacity


South Australia, Australia

Announced funding:

Project funding included in the South Australian 2022-23 budget

Project description

In June 2022, in the 2022-23 State Budget, a ‘ Hydrogen Jobs Plan’ was announced with AUD$593 million allocated over four years for the establishment of a new hydrogen facility including electrolysers, a combined cycle turbine plant and hydrogen storage capacity in the Whyalla region.

A six-week market sounding process, which closed on 15 July 2022, will inform the design and delivery concepts for the construction of the hydrogen facility..

The Plan targets the construction of:

  • 250 MWe of electrolyser capacity
  • 200 MW of power generation fuelled by hydrogen
  • 3,600 tonnes hydrogen storage facility (equivalent to two months of hydrogen consumption for power generation).

The operation of the electrolysers will provide additional grid stability – the demand on the electricity network (usually during the middle of the day) to power the electrolyser capacity would minimise the need for household solar panels to be switched off by energy providers during these periods of excess renewable energy production.

The hydrogen facility is targeted to be operational by the end of 2025.

An expert panel has been established to identify the most appropriate parcel(s) of land on which to build the facilities.

Hydrogen Power South Australia, a new government enterprise, is to own and operate the hydrogen power plant.

This description is based on publicly available information as of July 2022.