Germany – North German Coastal States

Country: Germany

State/Province: North German Coastal States (Bremen, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein)

Document type: Regional Strategy

Title: Hydrogen Strategy for North Germany

Released: November 2019

Summary Points:

  • North German States are striving to establish a (green) hydrogen economy by 2035, with key characteristics/targets including:
    • Establishment of hydrogen hubs as a key growth pillar, with a target that the first hydrogen hubs in North Germany be set up by 2025
    • At least 500 MW of electrolysis capacity installed in North Germany by 2025, and at least 5 GW capacity by 2030
    • Advocacy for conditions that facilitate a significant expansion in the demand for hydrogen for mobility applications and in industrial uses by 2025
    • The regulatory process for hydrogen facilities in the North German States is optimised by 2022
    • Increasing hydrogen expertise in North Germany
    • Coordinating efforts within the region, across other German States and with the Federal Government to support hydrogen development (specifically in the case of the latter, via its energy and climate policies)
    • Technology and infrastructure funding programmes should always allow for funding for hydrogen projects