Canada – Quebec

Country: Canada

State/Province: Quebec

Document type: Report

Title: Study on the Techno-Economic Potential of the Development of Quebec’s Hydrogen Sector and its Potential for the Energy Transition

Released: August 2020

Summary Points:

  • The aims of the study are to:
    • Undertake a techno-economic appraisal to guide the development of future government initiatives
    • Identify the most promising growth sectors for green hydrogen to support Québec’s energy transition
    • Develop potential pilot projects to encourage the adoption of hydrogen
  • The study concluded that it was important that a hydrogen Roadmap for Quebec be drawn up (consistent with Quebec’s broader environmental and socio-economic goals).
  • In addition to the study, in October 2019, Quebec initiated a four-year pilot project (testbed) with the twin aims of:
    • Evaluating the performance of hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) in a northern climate and accompanying knowledge enhancement
    • Raising public awareness of the potential of hydrogen technologies and to enable commercial deployment of FCEVs