Canada – British Columbia

Country: Canada

State/Province: British Columbia

Document type: Reports / Strategy

Title: British Columbia Hydrogen Study

Released: September 2019

Summary Points:

An aim of this study was to inform development of British Columbia’s Hydrogen Strategy

The report outlines a list of 38 instrument and policy recommendations to support development of a hydrogen industry in British Columbia (as well as top ten recommendation themes for the period 2020-2025)

Post-study release, in September 2020, British Columbia allocated CAN$10 million to the construction and operation of 10 hydrogen fuelling stations in the Province, as well as three years of support for Hydrogen BC (a new entity of the Canadian Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association, with a focus on British Columbia)

Title: B.C. Hydrogen Strategy

bc_hydrogen_strategy_final.pdf (

Released: July 2021

Summary Points:

As part of CleanBC, the B.C. Hydrogen Strategy outlines the Province’s plan to accelerate the production and use of renewable and low-carbon hydrogen.

The strategy includes 63 actions to undertake over the short term (2020-2025), medium term (2025-2030) and long term (2030-beyond). These include:

  • Incentivising the production of renewable and low-carbon hydrogen;
  • Developing regional hydrogen hubs where production and demand are co-located;
  • Financial supports for deploying fuel cell electric vehicles and infrastructure;
  • Expanding the use of hydrogen across different industrial sectors and applications;
  • Promoting the adoption of hydrogen in areas where it is most cost-effective in terms of emission reductions;
  • Creating the B.C. Centre for Innovation and Clean Energy to drive the commercialization of new hydrogen technology; and
  • Establishing ambitious carbon-intensity targets and a regulatory framework for carbon capture and storage

Early priorities include the scaling-up renewable hydrogen production and establishing a regulatory framework for carbon capture and storage (CCS) to enable ‘blue hydrogen’ production. Hydrogen is expected to play a larger role in powering medium-and heavy-duty vehicles.


Updated: July 2021