Canada – Alberta

Country: Canada

State/Province: Alberta

Document type: Regional Vision/Strategy

Title: Natural Gas Vision and Strategy

Released: October 2020

Summary Points:

  • Hydrogen is identified as one of five Key Growth Areas
  • Opportunities for clean hydrogen use in the transportation, home-heating and industrial sectors are highlighted
  • The Goals of this Key Growth Area are:
    • Large-scale hydrogen production with carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) and deployment in various commercial applications across the provincial economy by 2030
    • Exports of clean hydrogen and hydrogen-derived products to jurisdictions across Canada, North America and globally by 2040
  • A (high-level) set of Actions is allocated by timescale:
    • Short-term Actions (Fall 2020-Winter 2021)
    • Medium-term Actions (2021 throughout 2023) – included in this timescale is development of a Hydrogen Roadmap for Alberta detailing best deployment pathways, enabling policies, innovation strategy and funding support
    • Long-term Actions (2023 and beyond)