NERA was established in 2016 and is Australia’s Industry Growth Centre for the energy resources sector. NERA’s Vision covers the broad scope of energy resources, as well as supporting technologies and innovations relating to efficient and clean energy, including hybrids, renewables, hydrogen and future fuels. Their strategic focus involves accelerating the development, commercialisation and deployment of technologies that support and enhance the exploration, development, extraction and production of additional and cleaner energy resources.

Since its establishment, NERA, in collaboration with industry, has supported more than 50 lighthouse energy resources projects. Their annual Sector Competitiveness Plan (SCP) update identifies major challenges facing Australia’s energy resources sector, including global competition, digital technologies and the transition to a decarbonised economy, as well as identifying priority areas for action.

National Hydrogen Technology Cluster

Australia’s National Hydrogen Strategy supports NERA to lead the establishment and early development of a National Hydrogen Technology Cluster. The purpose of the cluster is to build capabilities and facilitate industry collaboration across the hydrogen value chain and maximise economic benefits by ensuring Australian companies are well placed to supply new technology, products and services to domestic and international markets.

In September 2020, NERA launched the Regional Hydrogen Technology Clusters Seed Funding Program to support the formation of a network of regional hydrogen clusters around Australia. The aim of these clusters is to accelerate and optimise the development of hydrogen technology and expertise within Australia.

At the beginning of February 2021, following the conclusion of a selection process, NERA announced a AUD$1.85 million investment in 13 regional hydrogen clusters across all Australian States and Territories. Along with a significant NERA contribution, the clusters benefit from a range of funding commitments from State and Territory Governments and industry financial support.

In late May 2021, the creation of two further clusters in Queensland (the CQH2 cluster led by Gladstone Engineering Alliance in Gladstone and the TSBE Hydrogen Industry Cluster led by Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprises in Toowoomba) was announced following a AUD$100,000 commitment from the Queensland Government through a partnership with NERA (the two new clusters would work alongside the already established H2Q cluster in Brisbane).

The two new clusters join Hydrogen Technology Cluster Australia (H2TCA), the national network of 13 clusters announced in February 2021.

This network of regional hydrogen clusters will play a central role in connecting to establish the National Hydrogen Technology Cluster — which will operate as a virtual network — to:

  • establish a global identity and a recognised brand for Australian hydrogen technology and expertise
  • connect clusters across Australia to accelerate supply chain development, and
  • reduce risks of overlaps and gaps in the development, deployment, and commercialisation of new technologies.

In August 2021, NERA launched HyCapability, Australia’s first hydrogen capability finder — a free, online, searchable platform capable of sharing the capacities, capabilities and experiences of Australia’s hydrogen equipment, technology and services industry to domestic and global markets.

The platform has four main objectives:

  1. Supporting the growth of the hydrogen industry across the whole value chain
  2. Increasing the promotion of Australian hydrogen-related businesses to domestic and international markets
  3. Creating a baseline understanding of the Australian hydrogen industry
  4. Increasing momentum and creating connections for the H2TCA network.

The HyCapability platform has been developed in collaboration with the H2TCA network. Guidance notes to how to register and create a hydrogen business profile on the platform can be found on the HyCapability webpage.


Updated: August 2021