Auckland Hydrogen Mobility Trial

September 23rd, 2020

Auckland Hydrogen Mobility Trial

This project involves a hydrogen mobility trial, initially focussed on a hydrogen-powered bus and cars, based around facilities to be constructed at Auckland’s seaport.

Main proponents:

Ports of Auckland, Auckland Council, Auckland Transport, and Kiwi Rail

Main end-use classification:

Hydrogen mobility


Under development

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Auckland, New Zealand

Announced funding:


Project description

Ports of Auckland is operator of a seaport at Auckland and inland ports at Auckland and Waikato.

Ports of Auckland, Auckland Council, Auckland Transport, and Kiwi Rail are collaborating in a hydrogen mobility trial focussed on hydrogen production and refuelling facilities to be constructed at the Ports of Auckland’s Waitematā seaport.

In September 2020, Ports of Auckland was granted resource consent to build and operate a hydrogen production and refuelling facility at the Waitematā port. The produced hydrogen would initially be used in various test hydrogen vehicles.

At the first stage, Ports of Auckland has set up an interim hydrogen refueller, to enable the refuelling of test vehicles until the production and refuelling facility has been built.

Auckland Transport, in response to a Ports of Auckland’s invitation to participate in the hydrogen mobility trial, commissioned, in 2019, the production of a hydrogen fuel cell bus. The fuel cell bus was unveiled at the Ports of Auckland – where it would be refuelled with renewable-based hydrogen – in March 2021.

The three-axle fuel cell bus built in Christchurch is to be used (in partnership with bus operators) to trial operational performance, including a comparison of its operating costs with diesel and electric buses of similar configurations. The fuel cell bus would provide capacity for over 70 adult passengers. The fuel cell bus would be operated for an initial two-year trial period.

In June 2021, it was announced that the Ports of Auckland and Obayashi Corporation, a Japanese construction company, are to set up a joint venture to develop the hydrogen refuelling station facility; the joint venture would also be examining opportunities to expand hydrogen production and supply at Ports of Auckland inland ports.

Kiwi Rail is examining the potential for the use of hydrogen to power trains.


Updated: July 2021