Sodium borohydride for solid-state green hydrogen export and chemical precursor for conversion of carbon dioxide to fuel

December 8th, 2022

R&D Focus Areas:

Lead Organisation:
Curtin University

Future Energy Exports CRC


Start date:
January 2021

Project summary description:
With the increase in carbon emission and the ongoing movement to greener energy, the use of metal borohydrides can become as potential storage of green energy hydrogen and a precursor to enable the conversion of CO2 to fuel. This project researches sodium borohydride as an optimum method to store and transport renewable hydrogen and the use metal hydrides in CO2 fuel conversion to reduce carbon emission. It will involve:

  • Developing a new method of producing, storing, and exporting green hydrogen using sodium borohydride as the solid-state hydrogen carrier.
  • The experimental analysis of reactions between CO2 gas and a vast array of hydrogen-rich solids under different temperatures and pressures.
  • Investigating the cycling of the ‘spent’ metal hydride through low cost, low energy means.
  • Investigating reformation of the metal hydrides, using simple methods of metal hydride formation.

Further information:
PhD Thesis, contact Future Energy Exports CRC for further information


December 2022