Liquid hydrogen boil-off during pipeline transfer and storage

August 8th, 2022

R&D Focus Areas:
Liquid hydrogen

Lead Organisation:
The University of Western Australia

Future Energy Exports CRC


Start date:
January 2022

Project summary description:
A major concern in liquid hydrogen storage and transport is minimizing hydrogen losses from liquid boil-off. In order that liquid hydrogen is stored as a cryogenic liquid that is at its boiling point, any heat transfer to the liquid can lead to boil-off, causes hydrogen to evaporate and hydrogen leakage.

This research project will develop a suitable liquid hydrogen boil-off gas model, develop a simulation framework for LH2 boil-off gas rates, develop and test a user-friendly software tool for a comprehensive study of the process.

Further information:
PhD Thesis, contact Future Energy Exports CRC for further information.


Reviewed: December 2022