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Enhancing resilience to climate change of the small agriculture in the Chilean Region of O'Higgins

Autor / Institución Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Environment
Fecha 2015
Tipo Project proposal
Objetivos To increase the resilience capacity of rural farm communities in the coastal and inner dry lands of the O´Higgins region with respect to actual climate variation and future climate changes.
Resumen The project proposal outlines the need for a climate change strategy for the region of O'Higgins (el secano), and it also describes thoroughly the project details. The primary ojectives of the project are: To implement a capacity building and training system to increment the resilience capacity of farm communities vulnerable to climate variation and climate change with respect to cattle, crop, water and soil management. Implementation of measures and technologies for increasing water resources availability for rural communities in the coastal and inner dry lands of the O´Higgins region. To improve the decision supporting agroclimatic information management for actual climate and future climate changes for local MINAGRI professionals and farmer communities.
Datos del informe Agricultural groups and regions most vulnerable to climate change; agricultural and social economic characteristics of the project area: land use, crop production, mean anual precipitation, soil erosion and desertification, livestock, social and financing conditions of target farmers in the project area; project objectives and financing.
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