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The Teno-Chimbarongo canal: an example of coordination and cooperation

Autor / Institución MOP, Rodrigo Gómez
Fecha 2001
Tipo Proceedings of the 2001 USCID Water Management Conference: Transbasin Water Transfers. Denver, Colorado
Resumen This paper presents the historic development, the difficulties, the achievements and the experience obtained from the point of view of the parties involved, emphasizing the example of coordination and cooperation and effective results, as well as the future perspectives associated with this canal.
Datos del informe Plan of the canal; Minimum Flows in Teno River over which ENDESA can divert water in the Teno - Chimbarongo canal since 1975; Relationship between the flows in River Teno and flows diverted by the Teno-Chimbarongo Canal; The impact of the canal on: Irrigation, hydroelectric generation, The community; The experience and future projections.
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