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Water Governance in the Context of IWRM: Chile

Type Artículo
Contents Development of Water Rights in Chile, Chilean Assessment, Conclusions
Summary This chapter outlines the work completed for the ACQWA project on the governance assessments for the Chilean case area and is used to provide vital background to the water governance situation and associated challenges. In the Chilean case, signi fi cant challenges persist across the governance indicators, in particular in relation to transparency and accountability. While water governance at the political level is driven through a centralised approach, water management happens in the private sphere and is driven by private interests. Despite the strong codi fi ed nature of water governance through the Water Code, the weakness of enforcement and capacity in the DGA means that provisions relating to protection of aquatic ecosystems can effectively be ignored at the basin level. The market focus on water management has meant that public institutions responsible for water rights management or water and environmental issues have very limited capacity to address water issues.
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