View of The Sebel Hotel Kiama

Discussion in “The Marquee” at the end of the workshop

CSIRO Gene editing of crops Workshop                       The Sebel Hotel, Kiama NSW Australia                       28th – 30th Nov 2017

The ability to precisely edit the genomes of plants has the potential to revolutionise agriculture. CSIRO is sponsoring a two day  workshop to discuss scientific advances in the field as well as the regulatory and social aspects of this new technology.  It is hoped that this workshop will foster new collaborations and networking opportunities. Young scientists are encouraged to attend and present.

Workshop 28th – 30th Nov 2017 Sebel Hotel, Kiama,  NSW Australia

Invited Speakers

Caixia Gao (Beijing, China) Bin Yang (Iowa State, USA) Jin Soo Kim (Seoul, South Korea) Yao-Guang Liu (Guangzhou, China) Emma Wallington (Cambridge, UK) Felicity Keiper (Bayer Crop Science, Australia) Matthew Hayden (Agribio, Victoria Australia) Heather Bray (U.Adelaide, South Australia) Craig Cormick (Think oustide the box), Representatives from OGTR and FSANZ.

CSIRO Organising committee

Steve Jobling, Filomena Pettolino & Ming Luo.