Daniela Medina: PhD Student

Daniela is a PhD candidate at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Australia. Her research aims to assess the capacities of rural communities in Pacific Islands to adapt to climate change, placing emphasis on smallholder farming systems and their potential to implement strategies targeted at increasing food and nutrition security.

With her research, Daniela expects to contribute to the evaluation of policy implications for the improvement of the livelihood resilience of farming communities. She is also helping adapt existing assessment frameworks to improve the understanding of the inherent factors that allow communities in remote Pacific Islands to cope with the impacts of climate change and thus to better direct future investments in climate adaptation.

Daniela has a BSc in agricultural engineering and an MSc in environment with a specialisation in climate change adaptation. Before beginning her PhD, she worked with an international cooperation agency, engaging with policymakers and governments in the development, implementation and evaluation of climate change strategies for the agricultural sector in the Americas and the Caribbean regions.

Daniela is fluent in Spanish and in her free time she enjoys spending time outdoors, playing ultimate frisbee and swimming.

Contact Daniela: Daniela.Medina@research.usc.edu.au