Daniel Mason-D’Croz: Senior Research Scientist and Team Leader

Daniel is a Senior Research Scientist and Team Leader with CSIRO Agriculture and Food. His background is as a development economist and economic modeller, having worked on a variety of topics with the objective to inform and improve policymaking on issues around climate change adaptation, food security, public investments in agriculture, and potential environmental and health impacts of agricultural policies.

Prior to joining CSIRO in 2018, Daniel worked with the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) for seven years. He has worked extensively with global economic models, and on building multi-model ensembles to coordinate more holistic analysis of complex systems by incorporating models from different disciplines.

Daniel has lived in six countries in the Americas and Europe. He speaks Spanish fluently, and at one point spoke French proficiently, although the current state of his French is lamentable. He is a big foodie, and in general a pretty adventurous eater, willing to try anything at least twice in case the first time it wasn’t prepared well.

Follow Daniel’s research on ResearchGate, Google Scholar and LinkedIn.

Contact Daniel: daniel.masondcroz@csiro.au