Cam McDonald: Honorary Fellow

Cam is an Honorary Fellow with CSIRO Agriculture and Food in Australia. Cam has over 40 years’ experience working in the rangelands of northern Australia. This work had a strong emphasis on agronomy of grazed pastures, particularly legume population dynamics, animal production, and simulation modelling of animal/pasture systems. As part of ACIAR projects in Indonesia, Vietnam, China and west Africa, he contributed substantially to the development of an integrated analysis tool (IAT) for evaluating the biology and socio-economics of smallholder mixed enterprise farming systems, and the potential impacts of any proposed intervention strategies.

Currently Cam is providing background assistance to the development of the CLEM model which is based on the IAT, writing a paper on the IAT and writing up results from recent projects in Zimbabwe and elsewhere.

In his spare time, Cam develops ceramic glazes and fires kilns in conjunction with his wife’s ceramic arts pursuits, explores Australia, and swims with whale sharks.

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