Bianca Das: PhD Student

Bianca is a PhD Student with the University of Queensland and CSIRO Agriculture and Food in Australia. She is passionate about soils, science communication, global agricultural development and nutrition security and human rights.

Bianca works on creating ‘win-win’ situations to support farmers to increase productivity by using their resources more efficiently and reduce losses to the environment. Her PhD research is exploring computer modelling as a tool to help farmers find strategies to improve their phosphorus fertiliser efficiency in tropical and subtropical cropping systems.

Bianca’s previous work investigated greenhouse gas emissions from dairy soils, saline-sodic soil restoration and revegetation, approaches to reduce nitrogen losses from sugarcane farming systems into reef catchments, understanding wheat yield gaps in Australia, and incorporating native vegetation onto farms to provide stock fodder and increase biodiversity.

Bianca volunteers for OzHarvest and the Researchers in Agriculture for International Development (RAID) Network to promote sustainable use of food in Australia and around the world.

In 2019, Bianca was selected to participate in the world-class leadership, strategic and science initiative and outreach for women: the Homeward Bound Program, which culminates with a month of training in Antarctica in November 2019.

Bianca is a cloud, landscape and astronomy appreciator.

Follow Bianca’s research on Twitter and ResearchGate.

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