Assessment of Food System Security, Resilience and Emerging Risks in the Indo-Pacific

The project aims to develop and implement a co-designed integrated assessment of food system security, resilience and emerging risks in five focal countries: Pacific islands, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Timor-Leste and the Philippines in the context of COVID-19.

Governments and other food systems stakeholders in the Indo-Pacific are concerned about emerging risks of the COVID-19 pandemic on food security in the Indo-Pacific region. A large body of work already exists regarding the determinants and drivers of food security, with most describing these causes as immediate, underlying and structural. External shocks such as the COVID-19 pandemic result in immediate impacts on dietary intake, nutrient needs and utilisation at the individual level.

To respond to these threats, this work focuses on providing analysis to help target future interventions to strengthen food systems resilience in the region. The intent of this work is to mobilise expertise in the ACIAR network to (i) monitor, document and analyse food systems vulnerabilities resulting from the COVID-19 crisis and their impacts on smallholder farmers; and (ii) identify possible actions that could be taken by governments and other food systems stakeholders to increase food systems resilience in the face of future shocks.

Expected project outcomes:

  • identify risk ‘hotspots’ for food and nutritional security, smallholder livelihoods and other informal or micro-business parts of the value chain;
  • identify cross-cutting or additive drivers of food insecurity;
  • structure deeper analysis of hotspots;
  • identify intervention and prioritise R4D intervention options; and
  • catalyse dialogue on development priorities through the provision of a synopsis and higher level issue statements.

This work is a collaboration between CSIRO and the Australian National University.

Read the technical report: Robins et al. (2020) COVID-19 and food systems in the Indo-Pacific: An assessment of vulnerabilities, impacts and opportunities for action. ACIAR Technical Report 96

For more information contact Monica van Wensveen.