Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)

Significant increases in interdependencies and interactions dominate modern societies, fundamentally transforming critical systems like the global food network and human-mobility dynamics. The pace and magnitude of these changes has severely limited the capacity of decision makers to respond effectively to new and unanticipated events.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) World Modellers initiative, to which CSIRO contributes, proposes a new symbiotic platform to rapidly anticipate and assess shock events for food security and human migration. By linking human-expert judgement and machine learning, a software platform will provide enhanced identification and early warning of resultant impacts.

The unique platform aims to link:

  • Multiple quantitative models in a multi-layer network structure going from household to global level
  • Global system ontology provides comprehensive database (including causal links) for scenario analysis
  • A set of metrics salient for conflict-risk assessments
  • Artificial intelligence system for (i) data and text mining tasks (ii) automatised assessment of policy options

This platform is designed to be user friendly for rapid and comprehensive artificial intelligence supported crises assessments.

The target audience for the platform is policy makers, aid agencies, non-governmental organisations and military analysts. The use of the platform contributes to enabling the implementation of sound and responsive socio-political or economic interventions in order to reduce instability.

Contact Mario Herrero or Cécile Godde for more information.