Innovation in agri-food systems

We investigate innovation in agri-food systems. We identify the challenges and opportunities and map a way forward. Read more about our research in our Thought Provokers.

Transformative Innovation: We investigate what applied innovation study solutions look like for agri-food systems and different solutions and their inter-relationships of transformative innovation. Read our Transformative Innovation Thought Provoker.

Disruptive Innovation: We investigate what disruptive innovation means for agricultural research organisations. Read our Disruptive Innovation Thought Provoker.

Strengthening Innovation Capacity: We investigate how we can strengthening innovation capacity of of Small and Medium Enterprises for impact. We consider if inclusive agribusiness innovation support facility is the answer. Read our Strengthening Innovation Capacity Thought Provoker.

Reverse Engineering Innovation: We investigate reverse engineering innovation for impact. Read our Reverse Engineering Innovation Thought Provoker.

Capacity building: We investigate capacity building for effective innovation practice in agricultural research organisations. Read our Capacity Building Thought Provoker.

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