Food systems are fundamental to our well-being. Our global food systems are changing as a result of population growth, rising incomes, dietary shifts, and climate change. These challenges place increasing pressure on finite natural resources.  Reducing poverty and enhancing food and nutrition security, whilst sustaining livelihoods and the environment, is central to our group’s focus.

Taking a systems perspective to these challenges is essential. As systems scientists, we draw on the expertise of our multidisciplinary team to better understand the workings of food systems, so that interventions in the system can be identified and prioritised.

Our work focuses on:

Solutions to Global Change: We identify planetary boundaries, and how climate and population growth may impact these boundaries and future food systems.

Nutrition and Health: We evaluate how agriculture contributes to nutritional and health outcomes now and in the future.

Sustainable Livestock Systems: We identify ways to sustainably harness pasture systems for crop and livestock production.

Farming, Livelihoods and the Environment: We develop approaches to improve food systems, locally and globally.

Agri-food System Innovation: We identify and design ways of strengthening innovation processes, practices and policies to improve the social, environmental and economic performance of agri-food systems.

Achieving Impact: We develop and improve how we partner, evaluate and articulate our achievements.

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