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Our research frequently features on podcasts, radio interviews or in video clips. Follow the below links to see our latest clips, podcasts or radio interviews.

Outlet Name Research Presenter
New technology can improve food systems, but cause unintended consequences Herrero et al.(2020) Articulating the impact of food systems innovation on the Sustainable Development Goals. The Lancet Planetary Health. NA
Using new technology to improve the food system Barrett et al. (2020) Comment: Bundling innovations to transform agri-food systems. Nature Sustainability 3, 974–976. Mario Herrero
The Great Food Transformation” – Nourishing Matters to Chew On Food systems research Mario Herrero

Jessica Bogard

Video clip: 3 Minute Thesis – Parenting Climate Change Investigating the impacts of climate shocks and variability on the livelihood of smallholder farmers in sub-Saharan Africa Uwe Grewer
Video clip: Multiple cropping systems could increase global cropping intensity Waha et al. (2020) Multiple cropping systems of the world and the potential for increasing cropping intensity. Global Environmental Change 64, 102131. NA
Video clip: Future food systems innovations Herrero et al. (2020) Innovation can accelerate the transition towards a sustainable food system. Nature Food 1, 266–272. NA
Podcast: Can we make food security failsafe in the age of climate change? Willett et al. (2019) Food in the Anthropocene: the EAT–Lancet Commission on healthy diets from sustainable food systems. The Lancet 393 (10170), 447-492. Mario Herrero
2019 WOMADelaide Planet Talks: Less Meat, Less Heat: Is the Elephant in the room a cow? Godde et al. (2019) Climate change and variability impacts on grazing herds: Insights from a system dynamics approach for semi‐arid Australian rangelands. Global Change Biology 00:1–19. Cecile Godde
Radio interview: Becoming a “flexitarian” may help combat climate change Springmann et al. (2018) Options for keeping the food system within environmental limits. Nature. DOI: 1038/s41586-018-0594-0 Daniel Mason-D’Croz
Video clip: Making Australia’s red meat industry carbon neutral by 2030 Mayberry, D., Bartlett, H., Moss, J., Davison, T., Herrero, M. (2019) Pathways to carbon-neutrality for the Australian red meat sector. Agricultural Systems 175, 13-21.

Mayberry, D., Bartlett, H., Moss, J., Wiedemann, S., Herrero, M. (2018) Greenhouse Gas mitigation potential of the Australian red meat production and processing sectors. Meat and Livestock Australia, North Sydney.

Di Mayberry & Mario Herrero
Video clip: LiveGAPS assists farmers in sub Saharan Africa and Asia LiveGAPS project NA