Applied Research and Innovation System in Agriculture [Indonesia]

Catalysing collaboration between industry and research

Applied Research and Innovation Systems in Agriculture (ARISA) was an AUD 8 million program under the Australia-Indonesia Partnership for Rural Development (AIP-Rural) that supported the Government of Indonesia’s development strategy to accelerate poverty reduction through inclusive economic growth.

The program focused on commercial application of innovation in agriculture, bringing together agribusiness and research institutes to make farming innovations more accessible for smallholder farming households in eastern Indonesia. A number of on-ground interventions were established across a range of commodities including cassava, maize and pulses, beef, dairy, shallots, sugar, and pigs.

The program worked to identify constraints in on-farm production and the broader value chains and then sought applied technologies to address them to achieve systemic, lasting change. Innovation already exists in the Indonesian agriculture sector and ARISA explored better ways of commercialising these ideas by: understanding incentives, developing capabilities to connect research and industry, and establishing working models to provide examples of successful public-private collaboration.

In addition to on-ground interventions, ARISA’s research activities added value to AIP-Rural by unlocking understanding of partnerships and the innovation process for commercialising research. ARISA’s research explored how partnerships between research and private sector partners evolved over time, while innovation systems research sought to recognise, understand and support mechanisms for systemic change. A key component underpinning this work was building capacity in researchers, senior leaders within research institutes, and key decision-makers in national policy.

ARISA aimed to improve the livelihoods of farmers in eastern Indonesia by increasing the incomes of 10,000 smallholder households by 30% between January 2014 and December 2018.

By the end of 2018, ARISA had increased the net incomes of 11,144 households by an average of 117%. 48% of households were below the AUD 2.50 poverty line and 27% earning below AUD 2 per day. Total net attributable income across all interventions was AUD 21.9 million and average net attributable income increase per household was AUD 1965.

For every Australian dollar spent on the interventions, ARISA generated AUD 7.40 in increased income for farm households.

Key Achievements