Nutrition and Health Data

Dataset Description
NOURISHING The World Cancer Research Fund maintains a global database on implemented policies that promote healthy diets and reduce obesity called the NOURISHING database. Policies are grouped according to ten different policy areas across three domains which influence dietary patterns including the food environment, the food system and behaviour change communication.
IFPRI In collaboration with institutions throughout the world, the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) is involved in the collection of primary data and the compilation and processing of secondary data. These datasets provide a wealth of information at the local (household and community), national, and global levels. IFPRI freely distributes many of these datasets and encourages their use in research and policy analysis. Please contact for questions about IFPRI datasets.
FAO food balance sheets The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) food balance sheets provide a comprehensive picture of the pattern of a country’s food supply during a specified reference period. Data on per capita food supplies are expressed in terms of quantity and, by applying appropriate food composition factors for all primary and processed products, also in terms of dietary energy value, protein and fat content.
USDA The USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference is a comprehensive online database of food composition for the United States of America. It contains nutrient information on nearly 9,000 foods.
INFOODS INFOODS is the International Network of Food Data Systems. The INFOODS website serves as a repository for country and region specific food composition databases, as well as a number of useful guidelines and tools for improving the quality, availability, reliability and use of food composition data.
NUTTAB NUTTAB is the pre-eminent online database for Australian food composition. Published in 2010 the electronic database files contain approximately 2190 foods and up to 195 nutrient values for each food. The database files are provided in .txt and .tab formats and are targeted at those who want to use data in their own software and manipulate it for specific purposes. Files relating to recipe foods and nutrient retention factors are also available.