North Australian Beef Systems Analyser (NABSA)

The North Australian Beef Systems Analyser (NABSA) is a whole-farm-scale dynamic simulation model that simulates beef cattle systems. It integrates livestock, pasture and forage crop production with labour and land resource requirements and availability, accounts for component revenue and cost streams, and provides estimates of the expected environmental consequences of various management options. The NABSA model operates on a monthly time-step. The NABSA model is broadly based on the Integrated Analysis Tool (IAT) model structure, which was developed to simulate smallholder crop–livestock systems. The figure illustrates the structure of NABSA model.

Refer to Ash et al. (2015) for more information about the NABSA model.

Please note that the NABSA model is no longer supported as it has been incorporated into the CLEM model. We recommend you use CLEM for your applications. CLEM can be downloaded as a part of the APSIM NextGen model. Registration and download for APSIM NextGen is available from here.