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Working with industry

Around the world, industry is increasingly looking for more sustainable chemical manufacturing paradigms. This is both in order to maximise the economic efficiency of their synthesis processes, and to respond to increasing environmental regulation imposed by governments. Continuous flow processing is rapidly gaining mindshare as a way for companies to address both of these requirements.

Transitioning from inefficient and waste intensive processes to acceptable, resource efficient alternatives requires a significant change in approach and technology, and is captured in the concept of Process Intensification (PI). PI refers to a paradigm shift in process design. It describes a mindset that has as its focus the development of smaller, cleaner, safer and more efficient chemical processing technologies. This can be achieved using continuous processing, intensive reactor technologies with superior mixing and heat transfer rates, chemical process improvements, and “plug and play” process technology to provide flexibility in a multiproduct environment.


In recent years CSIRO has partnered with industry to deliver innovative chemical manufacturing processes, including:

  • Multistep synthesis of bioactive compounds (histrionicotoxin alkaloids, isoxazolidines)
  • Drug (API) process development
  • Synthesis of ionic liquids
  • Polymer synthesis using both RAFT and conventional polymerisation technologies
  • Synthesis of photochromic dyes
  • Synthesis of platform chemicals and biofuels from renewable resources, and
  • Continuous catalytic reactions, including hydrogenation

Members of the FloWorks team will be attending the meetings below in early 2017, so come and say hello!

Interphex                                        (New York, 21–23 March 2017)

European Coating Show              (Nuremburg, 4–6 April 2017)

Informex                                         (Philadelphia, 16–18 May 2017)

Chemspec                                       (Munich, 31 May – 1 June 2017)