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Training & Support

New approaches towards sustainable chemical manufacturing are rapidly gaining momentum, and are driven by the unacceptably high inefficiency with present state-of-the-art large scale production of chemicals. By way of example, for every kilogram of fine chemical produced by the pharmaceutical industry, 5–100 times that amount of chemical waste is generated.

Such low efficiency in organic syntheses presents great challenges in resource conservation, and creates new and ongoing environmental and health concerns related to the treatment of chemical wastes.

To address these challenges, innovative new synthesis paradigms for highly efficient scaled production are urgently needed. Companies that seize the initiative and develop these processes are likely to increase market share, build investor confidence, and insulate against future resource constraints and regulations.

FloWorks will offer training for industrial researchers on our flow chemistry equipment. You can even try out a process in the Centre before making an investment in your own equipment.

And to make sure future chemistry graduates have flow chemistry skills, the Centre will work closely with Universities like Monash, the University of Melbourne and others on a number of chemistry and engineering research projects.

For further information about accessing FloWorks, contact Dr. Christian Hornung, Director CIFC.