Decision Support System

The Evacuation Modelling Decision Support System (DSS) is a software application that is intended as an aid to:

  • Carry out a preliminary analysis of the potential impact of a predicted hazard on a road network;
  • Design an evacuation scenario to be simulated;
  • Run an evacuation simulation;
  • Visualize the outcome of the simulated evacuation and produce summary results.

Watch the video below for a quick overview of the DSS applied to bushfire evacuation modelling:


The DSS uses a transport simulation software called MATSim to simulate the evacuation scenario combined with a behavioural model called BDI (Belief-Desire-Intention) and developed by RMIT to provide the agents with a certain degree of “intelligence” intended to capture, in an idealised way, the complexity of human behaviour in an emergency situation.

The DSS was first developed for bushfire applications in partnership with Emergency Management Victoria, RMIT and Surf Coast Shire and with financial support from the Department of Premier and Cabinet. Please visit the pages below for further details on the current applications of the DSS for bushfires and floods:

Bushfire Evacuation Modelling

Flood Evacuation Modelling