The CSIRO Energy Rating Team

Chenath is the product of a team of people with many decades’ experience in CSIRO’s building energy rating work.

  • The team is lead by Dr Dong Chen who is responsible for the Chenath calculation engine and the testing of the mathematical methods used to model energy performance.
  • He is supported by Dr Zhengen Ren who also develops performance models.
  • Wan Yee Chan provides the front end to AccuRate and the methods of transferring data to the web portal to produce certificates for regulatory purposes.
  • Brad Lane supports the web portal and data management.
  • Michael Ambrose, Melissa James and Mike Syme work on associated projects monitoring real world buildings so that we can improve models. They also analyse data from the web portal.
  • Anthony Wright and Ken Guthrie provide strategic and business development support to the Chenath program.
  • Yong Bing Khoo is a software architect and spatial analyst working on AccuRate and the Hstar portal.

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L-R: Mike Syme, Dong Chen, Anthony Wright, Michael Ambrose, Brad Lane, Zhengen Ren, Ken Guthrie.

L-R: Dr Dong Chen, Melissa James, Yong Bing Khoo.