Portal updates July 2017

The HStar portal is the website that provides Universal Certificates for AccuRate and BERSPro.  Universal Certificates are produced by NatHERS software tools as the only way those tools can be used to demonstrate compliance with the energy efficiency requirements of the NCC. The portal also provides a repository for technical information on the Chenath calculation engine that is used in all NatHERS tools.

There have been a number of HStar Portal enhancements implemented over the first six months of 2017.

The most noticeable of these is the search function which, through implementing database refactoring, is now returning results up to 10X faster.

More intelligence has been added to BERS Pro address comparisons; the effect of this will reduce the number of certificates charged through data changes.

Certificates – We have reduced the PDF file size where possible to give some relief to assessor in-boxes. Links have been imbedded in the summary certificates giving assessors and clients direct access to the associated class 1 certificates (via the portal). In addition, some fields in the certificates have been updated to give higher precision, which will be utilised by future releases of Accurate and BERS Pro.

Process – Behind the scenes we have been putting effort into shoring-up the robustness of the portal. A large part of this has been accomplished by adding additional automated tests to pick-up potential problems early so that downtime is minimised.

Our next focus will be on improving the aesthetics while continuing to improve usability and performance.