2016, December: What is being built?

The following graphs show the distribution of ratings by state for new Class 1 dwellings rated between 1 January 2015 and 29 August 2016 with AccuRate and from 27 April 2016 to 29 August 2016 with BERSpro.

In these periods there have been a total of 25,488 ratings completed for new Class 1 dwellings using these software tools. (See table for distribution by State). This is a small sample however the spread of ratings illustrates the different approaches taken in each state.

State Number of Records
ACT 621
NSW 14942
NT 653
QLD 7407
SA 863
TAS 161
VIC 4557
WA 1177
All States 30381

Click the chart below to view an interactive version of the data by state.  (Note that some designs may be rated and never built or may be in the early stages of the design process so a few ratings could be lower than expected.)