Silvereye is a tool for exploring spatio-temporal data and performing analytics on that data. Silvereye currently supports map visualisation of spatio-temporal data (e.g. soil moisture, water availability), filtering on regions (e.g. Murray-Darling Basin), time range (e.g. between Jan 1915 and Jan 2009). Users can quickly explore the data and understand trends for a given time and space selected.

Screenshot 1. Landing page and continental scale view of the data (soil moisture)

Screenshot 2. Select region, start date & end date as inputs and view gridded average and timeseries (soil moisture)

Screenshot 3. Inspect a lat-long point

Screenshot 4. Explore viewing history

Design goals

  1. Near real-time data exploration – observations or forecasts
  2. Easy data exploration for non-IT technical users
  3. Give users control over time and space selection
  4. View data on the web browser
  5. Adapt/adopt existing technologies as much as possible
  6. Enable reuse of backend services to a broad range of web applications/clients
  7. Underlying technologies should be portable and easily switchable if needed

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