CSIRO is Australia’s science agency. Everything we do is focused on creating measurable economic, environmental and social benefits that better our world and Australia’s place in it. Since 1916, we’ve been advancing Australia with inventions and innovations that have a positive impact on people’s lives around the world – from household products like Aerogard and Softly to everyday necessities like plastic bank notes and WiFi.

Agriculture that is innovative, productive, competitive and sustainable is vital to Australia’s current and future prosperity. Through measuring and modelling the level of community trust and acceptance of the Australian egg industry’s we can assist in developing benchmarks for performance and allow stakeholders to engage with each other on the issues that matter.

Our project for Australian Eggs builds upon knowledge gained from a range of sectors and surveying Australian and global communities through thousands of CSIRO research hours over the past decade. It will provide a focused, sector-specific deep dive to sit underneath and complement other agricultural industries baselines of community sentiment.

The science behind the survey

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