Profile: Cassie Rowse

By June 5th, 2018

By: Simone Burzacott-Gorman

Meet Cassie Rowse, she is the Chief Steward aboard RV Investigator and has worked on the ship since her maiden voyage. Prior to working on Investigator, Cassie worked aboard Aurora Australis an Australian icebreaker that operates in Antarctica as well as, The Southern Surveyor, Australia’s Scientific Research ship replaced by Investigator.

Cassie’s role involves sweeping and cleaning the decks daily, washing ship linen and maintaining the mess stock to ensure crew and scientists working shifts have access to food at all times. She is also involved in maintaining ship safety and works alongside the cooks in the galley when required. In order to work as a steward Cassie was required to complete STCW95 Safety and Survival at Sea Certification, but also cites hospitality experience on land as valuable credentials. Cassie recommends this role for people who are interested in working in diverse environments.

Cassie’s most memorable experience at sea was aboard Aurora Australis when she was involved in a sea rescue. Another vessel the Akademik Shokalskiy got impacted in sea ice. According to the international treaty, SOLAS Chapter V, Regulation 33, ships have…’an obligation to provide assistance regardless of nationality or status….’ At that time the Aurora and the Xue Long, a Chinese icebreaking research vessel were both in close proximity to the Akademik Shokalskiy. The Xue Long was equipped with a helicopter that was able to land on the Shokalskiy, collect passengers and then land on an ice flow adjacent to Aurora to enable passengers to alight and then board Aurora. Cassie remarked that it was an amazing experience to house and cater for an extra 50 people aboard Aurora for a further two weeks, whilst continuing to fulfil their mission to restock Davis Station on the Antarctic landmass.