BLOG 2: Introducing our Educator on Board – Emily Fewster

By January 30th, 2019

By Emily Fewster

I am an Earth and Environmental Science teacher and also part of the e-learning team at Sydney Distance Education High School in Woolloomooloo, NSW.

I love science and am inspired by the dedicated and creative individuals that pursue it as a career. Applying to be an Educator on Board the Research Vessel Investigator allows me to have an immersive experience, working shoulder to shoulder with researchers making discoveries about the age and make up of volcanoes on the sea floor (sea-mounts).

I am looking forward to seeing the shiny, new rock saw at work on the back deck, carving up volcanic rock samples some 30 million years old ready for further investigations.

woman in white protective suite, gloves and safety glasses using industrial lathe to cut rock

Emily cutting her first rock using the diamond saw.

Emily cutting her first rock using the diamond saw.