Economics research in CSIRO Land & Water supports the sustainable management of natural, managed, regional and urban environments through integrated solutions co-designed with governments, industries and communities.

Economists in Land & Water analyse trade-offs, risks and options to ensure the greatest benefits to the Australian community. Economics, as a science discipline, is the study of how to allocate scarce resources in order to make society better off. It is primarily focused on exploring trade-offs and the consequences of alternative approaches to managing resources. Economics provides research methods to study these trade-offs in terms of the welfare implications for communities and society. This strengthens the ability to take research from concept to impact.

Our economists are embedded in multi-disciplinary teams to deliver impact that addresses the great challenges the nation faces. Economics is integrated throughout research, development, and implementation processes, to support a positive impact for the Australian community. By helping us understand costs and benefits, economics research helps ensure innovations protect our quality of life, our economic health, and our environmental sustainability.